December 4, 2009

Kalappange Smoothie

What is "kalappange," you ask?
Why, it's kale-apple-orange all mingled together. Oh yes! And it's fabulous.
I got the original recipe from The Cancer Project cookbook (it's the "Green Goddess"), but I changed it up just a hair by adding an apple and a teeny bit of stevia. I also like to stick in a few tablespoons of vanilla-flavored soy protein powder when I have it on hand.
Here's the recipe:

1 banana
1 bunch green grapes (red grapes have more sugar, so I avoid)
1 apple, or 1 pear (I used a Pink Lady apple in the picture)
2 stalks of kale, leaves only
1 orange, peeled of course
1/2 C soy milk

3 T vanilla soy protein powder
1-2 teaspoons stevia, to taste

Preparation couldn't be easier. Just toss everything into a blender and mix on High for about a minute. It may look done before then, but it takes a lot of muscle to break up those kale leaves. So, be sure to wait the full minute.

Unless your fruit was refrigerated beforehand, your drink will be at room temperature. So, you can blend in some ice cubes if you like. Or just pour over some cubes. Or do what I do and serve in a chilled pub glass. Or just be hardcore and drink it straight. It's delicious no matter what.

My daughter goes crazy for it. Here's a picture of her knockin' back the batch I made this morning. Her cheeks are all puckered because she's trying so hard to suck the fruity bits through the sippy cup holes. I tried to teach her to drink it through a straw, but whaddaya gonna do....

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